The System Six preamplifier is designed for the person seeking superb sound, excellent design, and a high level of craftsmanship at a moderate price. The System Six preamplifiers feature premium quality parts in critical circuit locations, and a systems approach to preamp design. The basic building block of the System Six is the line level preamplifier, which serves as the mainframe of the system. Audiophiles who still cherish LP phono reproduction can choose either a factory installed phono board or an external companion phono preamplifier. Consistent with our commitment to a musical choice, all signal amplification is accomplished with our discrete proprietary potted modules labeled “Music Module™”. While we hold technical excellence in the highest regard, our final choice of circuits and components for the Music Module™ is based on their ability to accurately reproduce the correct tonal and harmonic character of music itself. Furthermore, each Music Module™ is constructed and adjusted for its particular function in the circuit.
Model 6LE3.5 - This is the newest version of our entry level line preamplifier mainframe. Its features include:
• Custom precision film capacitors used for line coupling.
• A shielded close-tracking continuous attenuator.
• A shielded shunt wired balance control for lowest distortion.
• Direct outputs from line amp Music Modules™ for the most transparent sound.
• Multiple precision power-supply regulators.
• Version 3.5 precision power supply regulators.
The phono preamplifier for the System Six is factory installed in the Model 6LE3.5/P. Universal application is obtained with an adjustable gain of 37, 50, or 63 dB at 1 kHz. Input impedance is adjustable between 100 and 47K Ohms. An adjustable High Frequency Contour network is incorporated into the cartridge loading circuitry which presents a frequency-dependent load to the cartridge to dampen high frequency resonances of low-output MC cartridges.

Because we continuously engage in research to improve our products, we reserve the right to make changes in specifications and prices without prior notice or obligation.