With the knowledge gained from many years of building electronic components along with extensive research into the sound of wire used in our preamplifiers, we now offer a family of interconnects and speaker wire to complement our electronics line.

Based on a novel combination of nonresonant materials, these handmade "Wings" emphasize the use of a unique wire construction which we call "Critically Damped Construction" (CDC)™. This construction consists of many fine strands of high purity copper embedded in a surrounding alloy selected for its high damping decrement. Thus the two materials in combination yield a critically damped monolithic construction to dampen resonances within the conductor material. A further refinement includes a selective oxide layer on the bundle surface to balance high frequency response due to skin-effect.

The wind configuration is the elegantly simple and well proven twisted pair for unbalanced cables and a similar twisted triad for balanced cables. All insulation material is 100% natural Teflon for the lowest possible dielectric losses. Capacitance is a low 15 pF per foot between conducting pairs.
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